1. Preaching and Teaching Scripture – We envision every member growing in their relationship with God through the understanding of His word and is reflected in their daily live.Long Range: We envision the preaching and teaching of God’s inerrant word being communicated in such a way that helps children, youth, and adults to live out God’s will for their lives every day.
  2. Prayer – We envision our church providing a prayer room that allows members to pray for self, others, needs, or ministry at any time.Long Range: We envision the church having a prayer team that leads the church in prayer as well as every member recognizing the importance and power of prayer.
  3. Giving – We envision members to make a commitment to serve in areas of ministry and to give with every opportunity.Long Range: We envision that church having a new members class that introduces members to God’s plan for every member to serve and give and then be placed in a place of service.
  4. Evangelism – We envision members being involved in evangelism through their Sunday School classes that reach across the streets.Long Range: We envision every member answering the call from God to witness to those across the street and then become involved in world evangelism.
  5. Bible Knowledge – We envision every member and non-member being taught Biblical truths by well trained teachers and through active Sunday school and Discipleship classes.Long Range: We envision the church having structured Sunday School and Discipleship classes that teach relevant biblical truths that engage members to follow God wholly.
  6. Worship – We envision our worship services to be free of any tradition or preconceived idea of worship so that the worshiper can be free to worship in a reverent manor. We envision our worship to be Biblical worship through praise to our Lord.Long Range: We envision our worship to incorporate drama, praise teams, choirs, and other ministries that enhance the worship service and lead the worshipper to a deeper experience with God.